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Nicole Lock

Nicole started working for Wintringham 13 years ago. She worked for Ron Conn and Port Melbourne before coming to Delahey around 9 years ago, when it opened.

Nicole fell into working in recreation a few years before coming to Wintringham. She loves having the opportunity to meet all kinds of different people from different backgrounds and getting to know them.

“I have met loads of amazing people over the years with many amazing stories to tell, there is always so much to learn from the people we work with,” says Nicole.

“I believe that everyone deserves a chance and to have some joy in their life and to know that they are a part of something. So if in some way, shape or form I can help that happen whether it be with a simple chat, the opportunity to try something new or different or to even help people continue to do what they love then for me it has been a good day.”

Nicole also enjoyed helping her clients to submit their entries to the Art Space, and found it to be helpful in helping people to keep busy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Having something to look forward to such as entering your work into the Art Space can be really empowering. It allows them to be a part of something greater and it shows that what they have been doing is important and that they are valued.”

In her spare time, Nicole loves spending time with her dog, who is an 8 year old, white Maltese X Shiatsu named Boston, who follows her everywhere. This surprised Nicole, as she is not really a dog person, but she has made an exception for Boston.

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