Lorraine grew up and went to school in Deer Park. She lived with her Mum, who was a single Mum, and three sisters and one brother. 


She moved back this way from the country to be closer to family but found it hard to find steady housing, so she began couch surfing with family and friends before resorting to living in her car in the Werribee Plaza carpark as it was well lit and she felt safer than on a street somewhere. The security guard originally tried to move her on, but later let her stay and looked out for her a bit.


Lorraine credits Wintringham with giving her a secure roof over her head and she is now well supported by her Case Manager. Since moving in, Lorraine has made some really good friends and she gets to go out and socialise a lot more.

Lorraine is quite creative and enjoys staying busy by creating different things. She is currently enjoying Diamond Painting as it suits the space available where she lives now.