Meet our judges

We were very lucky to have a four-judge panel to choose the winning artworks. Our judges did an incredible job, sorting through over 100 submissions and working together to select the final 15 pieces. Thirteen of those pieces will be used in the 2022 calendar, while two will be used in our annual Christmas cards. This has become a Wintringham tradition that many of our clients, staff and supporters look forward to receiving every year.

To help you all get to know our judges a bit better, we asked them to tell us a bit about themselves and what they liked about the Art Space and judging this year's pieces.

Lyndy and Lucinda White

                                                               Lyndy White is a philanthropist and one of the founders of the Peter and Lyndy                                                                       White Foundation. Lyndy has always had a strong interest in the arts and worked                                                                   at the Victorian Artist’s Society earlier in her career. The family’s youngest                                                                                 daughter, Lucinda, is the Foundation’s Administrator and a Director, Lucinda also                                                                   has a passion for the creative sector, working as a Graphic Designer for 10 years                                                                     prior to joining the Peter and Lyndy White Foundation. The Peter and Lyndy White                                                                 Foundation was founded by Peter White OAM and Lyndy White to assist the lives                                                                     of people disadvantaged through personal, social or cultural circumstances. The                                                                     Foundation has distributed over $57 million in grants for charitable purposes in                                                                       Victoria since its inception in 2005.

"We think the Art Space is a wonderful opportunity for residents to express their emotions and learn new skills, especially during this difficult time – we think the artists should be extremely proud of the standard and diversity of works they have produced. Art provides an outlet for expression, learning and satisfaction, and it is wonderful that Wintringham encourages this," says Lucinda.

"It was really lovely to hear the stories behind the artworks, and the joy and pride that the artists feel in creating their artworks plus the relief that it provided them whilst we were all experiencing the COVID lockdown."

Jane Boag


Jane joined the Board of Wintringham in 2020, having held a variety of senior and executive roles in health and related fields such as aged care, private health insurance and the Transport Accident Commission (TAC). She has also held a number of Director roles in Community Health, Aged Care, Disability and the Arts sectors.

The creative arts are a central pillar in Jane’s life. In her spare time, she draws, paints, dabbles with textiles and enjoys visiting galleries. With a background in Occupational Therapy, she also understands the therapeutic values of self-expression, creation, interpretation and sharing that artistic pursuits give us.

Michael Deschepper

Michael is Wintringham’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer, having joined the organisation as Chief Financial Officer in 2008. A chartered accountant and qualified estate agent, prior to joining Wintringham he accumulated 20 years financial and commercial experience in the corporate sector, including a seven year period working in senior finance roles in the United Kingdom and European Union.


Working at Wintringham has confirmed for Michael a deep appreciation that the most vulnerable in our community have a right to access to housing and support, tailored to the need of each individual.  He passionately works to achieve this outcome through his leadership roles at Wintringham and as Director and board member of Council to Homeless Persons and Community Housing Industry Association Victoria.

"The art show is a great initiative as it allows our clients to express and proudly present their artistic talent; skills that due to circumstance and life’s journey, have often had little opportunity to be displayed prior to engaging with Wintringham."

"Being part of the judging process for 2021 was great fun and I was especially grateful that my fellow judges brought an artistic lens to the conversation.  I commend the artists for the high quality of their work, it made our task of selecting the chosen few very challenging.  It was also a great reminder that art can be interpreted and appreciated in many ways. I'm excited to be back for 2021"