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6. Janet - My Young Dad.jpg

Janet spent her younger years living in Horsham, and then moved to Ballarat to attend Teacher's College. Janet later found a teaching job in Nhill and married a local farmer.


Janet and her husband had two children, and then adopted two more children. Janet later divorced and became a special ed teacher, and continued to teach in this field for 25 years until her retirement.

During this time Janet moved to Melbourne and when she eventually retired, she was living in a unit and the landlord increased her rent which meant she struggled to afford it. A friend found her the place where she is currently living and assisted her to receive some support; this is where Wintringham stepped in. Janet has been with Wintringham for over three years and loves the companionship of her carers.

"I feel I am well looked after and that I feel very safe with them. Wintringham has helped me remain independent and self sufficient," says Janet. 

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