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Bella loves art and actually volunteered in the art group at Williamstown Hostel and Lionsville for nearly a year before working in recreation. A Lionsville resident told her to apply for a job, and she was successful. Bella has now been working at Wintringham for a year and a half, and loves meeting new clients and hearing about their lives.

Being quite artistic herself, Bella enjoys helping her clients submit their works to the Art Space.

“I loved hearing about the process of the artworks, about what clients were thinking and how they were feeling while creating them. I also found it really rewarding encouraging clients to submit pieces that they didn't think were artworks.”

In her spare time, Bella loves doing some art herself.​

“I love taking photos; 35mm film is my favourite. I love to knit and crochet, my Grandmother taught me when I was little and I have recently started again. I also have a dog named Flora, she is named after an old friend.”

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