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Our Recreation Team

Our recreation team keep our clients happy by helping them spend their time in unique and meaningful ways. They take an individualised approach, listening to what each person is interested in, and helping them to achieve their goals.


Whether it be setting up a group art class, taking a client to the shops, facilitating a game or helping someone take up a new hobby; our recreation team truly do it all (and the paperwork that comes with it!). They are passionate about what they do and love seeing their clients flourish.


Each year, the team plays an essential role in the Art show by helping dozens of artists create and submit their artworks.

Some of our sites don't have recreation-specific staff. In lieu of recreation-specific staff, Case Managers, Housing Support and Home Support Workers assist their clients in lifestyle and recreation activities instead. This year, we received many wonderful submissions, coordinated by both our Recreation Team and by Support staff from across our organisation.

Staff Profiles

Some of our staff have chosen to share a bit about themselves with us. The staff below put in a particularly big effort this year towards coordinating their clients' entries. Click on their photos below to find out more.

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